March 11, 2011 - What CAMP Does

Did You Know CAMP Rehoboth…

• Has existed for 24 years and includes hundreds of volunteers, supporters, and members?
• Has turned the tide of intolerance in the Rehoboth area through its activities, visibility, and advocacy?
• Has nurtured a safe and welcoming place for LGBT residents and visitors, as well as the wider, diverse community in the Rehoboth Beach area?

CAMP Rehoboth does this by:

• Networking and communicating;
• Serving as a tourist/information hub for LGBT residents and visitors;
• Publishing the magazine, Letters from CAMP Rehoboth;
• Providing publicity, volunteers and ticket sales for other organizations;
• Offering a safe and comfortable Community Center and courtyard for meetings and events;
• Providing an LGBT library, and free WiFi;
• Providing a centrally located, visible LGBT presence in town.

CAMP Rehoboth keeps us safe and healthy by:

• Providing diversity training for the RB Police & State Park Rangers;
• Sponsoring support groups for: addiction, men, women, and more;
• Offering HIV prevention, screening, health counseling and outreach through our CAMPsafe program; 
• Offering health screenings and free flu shots, in cooperation  with Beebe Healthcare;
• Serving as first contact for threats against or incidents involving LGBT individuals/community.

CAMP advocates on our behalf by:

• Working to change the hearts and minds of intolerant business owners, citizens, health care providers, local/state politicians and more;
• Advocating for the LGBT community with government agencies and officials.

CAMP sponsors events/activities:

• Golf League and Annual Benefit Golf Tournament;
• Labor Day weekend – Sundance Auction, Dance, and 5K Run;
• Starburst Gayla – Women’s New Year’s Eve Dance;
• Annual Women’s FEST Conference, and entertainers;
• LGBT name entertainers;
• Art events and exhibits, including Heart of the Community and Art Shows featuring local artists;
• LGBT film series with Rehoboth Film Society;
• Local World AIDS Day activities.