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Welcome to CAMP Rehoboth! Celebrating diversity, building a strong sense of community, and “creating a more positive” environment for all people, gay and straight, has always been at the heart of the CAMP Rehoboth philosophy.

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Upcoming Events

How to Be Your Own Ally

LGBTQ youth discuss how to be an ally to Black Lives Matter and intersectionality within Queer spaces.

Boost Your Immunity With Dr. Kim Furtado

Learn habits which nourish and strengthen your immune system!

What To Do When Your Done!

A 10 Week Group About Life Transitions and Retirement.

Nature Beyond The Binary

During this inclusive virtual workshop, explore the history and science of gender expression and definition.

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CAMP Rehoboth exists today because so many people in our community have given passionately of their time, talents, and financial resources to support it. Please consider becoming a member or renewing your existing membership today! Join now!