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Welcome to CAMP Rehoboth! Celebrating diversity, building a strong sense of community, and “creating a more positive” environment for all people, gay and straight, has always been at the heart of the CAMP Rehoboth philosophy.

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Upcoming Events

World AIDS Day 2020

Candlelight Drive-Up Vigil on Tuesday, December 1st

CAMP Rehoboth LGBTQ+ Youth Group - Discussion Group

Please be mindful these meetings are specifically open to youth ages 10 -19. 

First Fridays with the CAMP Rehoboth Chorus: the Holiday Extravaganza!

Streaming Friday December 4th from 7 - 8 p.m.

Andrea Nardello + Virtual Open Mic!

This month's Virtual Open Mic is pleased to welcome a featured performance by NPR Slingshot Emerging Artist to Know, Andrea Nardello! The Philly singer songwriter...

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CAMP Rehoboth exists today because so many people in our community have given passionately of their time, talents, and financial resources to support it. Please consider becoming a member or renewing your existing membership today! Join now!