The Women’s FEST Artshow is now on display in the CAMP Rehoboth Gallery. We have added the art to
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Richard Thibodeau

“Relaxing is a painting of our stressful time where we need to stop and forget the day for a moment and
enjoy one’s pleasure and just breath and let go.”
Enamel on reverse glass mixed media

Yona Zucker: Blue Heron

Yona Zucker
Blue Heron

“I was trying to capture the patience of these beautiful birds as they stand motionless waiting for the
right moment.”
Stained glass, Tiffany method

Alexis McKenzie: Rosey Orange Sea Urchin

Alexis McKenzie
Rosy Orange Sea Urchin

“As a non-swimmer, I envision the vibrancy and exquisite beauty of sea life and I wish I could experience
the magic in person.”
Watercolor Alcohol Tint on Paper

Rita Poore: Flock of Pink

Rita Poore
Flock of Pink

“Who doesn't love Flamingos? Painting and staining my papers, then assembling the composition is just
pure joy for me. I love to work with vibrant color.”
Mixed Media on Paper

Marta Nammack: The Colors of Sand

Marta Nammack
The Colors of the Sand and the Sea

“I had taken some photographs of sanderlings along the shore at Herring Point with the waves rolling in.
I added an impressionistic overlay to introduce some textures and bring out browns and blues in the
Photography on Paper

Mary Gilligan: At Rest

Mary Gilligan
At Rest

“The stillness after the excitement.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Nancy Allen: Crashing Waves
Nancy Allen
Crashing Waves

“I love big waves. I wanted to catch them engulfing the structure. The big white plume was a plus. I
added a texture.”
Photography on Canvas

Sharrill Dittmann: French Cube

Sharrill Dittmann
French Cube

“This piece reflects my background as a physicist, incorporating needs for order, creativity, and
construction. The piercings are derived from a set of draftsman's French curves, segments of spirals that
connect me to the world of mathematics.”
4.5x 4.5x 4.5"

Jeffrey Todd Moore: You Left a Whole

Jeffrey Todd Moore
You Left a Hole in my Heart

“An instant in someone's life tells a story, a short story, an incomplete story. I saw these two young
women and snapped the shot. When I got it home, I saw something, a diss, a sad goodbye.”
Photography, Giclee Print

Aina Nergaard Nammack: Grey Sea
Aina Nergaard-Nammack
#1578 Gordon's Pond

“I saw an early morning landscape of Gordon's Pond, with blues and grays. I simplified the scene byleaving the towers and birds out, and I decided to make the blue and gray horizontal lines play together. I also added some purple and a very narrow strip of orange to brighten the scene.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Junerose JR Futucher: Henlopen Tidal

JuneRose Futcher
Cape Henlopen Tidal

“On one of my frequent walks in the park interior, where original Native American settlements thrived,
vast tidal wetlands define many acres. In an abstract moment, I make a quick study of light and contrast.
Cape Henlopen State Park has been a part of many indigenous descendants and my family for
Photography on Paper

Karen Laitman: L'eau
Karen Laitman

“As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas
24x 36

Brook Hedge: Finale

Brook Hedge

“I wanted to capture the graceful simplicity of the body against a stark wall to highlight the lines.”
Photography, Giclee Print

Susan Frey: Forgotten Treasures
Susan Frey
Forgotten Treasures

"Trinkets aren't the answer to happiness. Watching the birds are part of the answer. Now more than ever."
Mixed Media on Paper
16X 22”

Joey Manlapaz_The Court of Neptune Fountain

Joey Mánlapaz
The Court of Neptune (Triptych)

“I attain solace in the beauty of classical figures tucked in lesser-traveled monuments of Washington, DC. The light and shadow that fall on the graceful and finely sculpted stone inform the chiaroscuro in my paintings. Here I attempt to endow the cold stone figures with great sensitivity and seeming human qualities.”
Oil Painting on Wood

Sharrill Dittmann_Bisti Wilderness

Sharrill Dittmann
Bisti Wilderness

“The Bisti Wilderness in NW New Mexico is full of wonderful and strange formations, and I tried to
capture not only their strangeness but their motion and sweep in this picture. The subtle colors of the
rocks suggested using black and white. I hope that this print will encourage the viewer to explore the
Wilderness further.”
Photography on Paper

Mara Rago__Tits Up
Mara Rago
Tits Up

"The soul of my subject, the soul in between and the soul of myself. These three combined, create my art. I recite this to my Creator before I pick up my camera and I truly believe I can’t take credit alone for my works. The souls simply collide... and I can imagine the fun they had for this piece! Who is she? I’ll never tell! "
Giclee Print

Tish Brey_Rehoboth Hotel

Tish Brey
Hotel Rehoboth

“Hotel Rehoboth started off as a Whimsical piece which became a beautiful piece when I realized how
gorgeous the seashells were on the back of the horseshoe crab.”
Photography on Metal

Renata Price_Waiting to Dance

Renata Price
Waiting to Dance

“I wanted to capture the emotion of a young ballerina waiting to go onstage, perhaps for her first big performance. She shows both confidence and apprehension as she receives the last encouragement from her teacher. The painting was executed using the techniques of the "old masters" with many transparent layers to create depth and luminosity.”
Oil Painting on Canvas                                                                                                                                                         


Jane Knaus__Happy Fish

Jane Knaus
Happy Fish

“Happy Fish is a painting that I created to express my passion for using color, line, and energy in a
creative, playful context on canvas.”
Mixed Media on Canvas

Bev Morgan_Shoes on the Danube, a Holocaust Memorial
Bev Morgan
Death of Innocence, Shoes on the Danube, a Holocaust Memorial, Budapest

“The painting depicts the metal installation of shoes on a wall along the Danube. Shoes that once were real, left behind by the innocent souls who were killed on this site, in the atrocities of WWII. My heart has never healed, my mind never understood the why or how of it. The painting is my offering of remembrance to those who perished.”
Watercolor Painting on Paper

Sharon Marquart_Fantasy Flowers

Sharon Marquardt
Fantasy Flowers

“My artistic vision for several pieces created in 2020 is Fun. I hope the bright, colorful, and crowded canvas puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Anthony Chifflo__Oreo
Anthony F. Chiffolo

“Many years ago, I came across this cat in a barn, and she/he sat very still for a photograph. Although I have painted many dog portraits, I wanted to try a cat for once, and I remembered this photo. I think the cat looks pleased.”
Watercolor Painting on Paper

Sue Eberhart_Music Teacher

Sue Eberhart
Music Teacher

“On a walking tour of Venice, filled with canals, gondolas, music, and tourists, I looked up and noticed the woman smoking a cigarette and gazing over the scene from her second story window. I saw the  colors, the woman and the look on her face.I knew I had captured something special.”
Photography on Paper

Claire Ingley_Blue Martini at Sunset

Claire Ingley
Blue Martini at Sunset

“I live by the beaches and always enjoy watching the sun set over the bay. I also enjoy happy hours! I have quite a collection of martinis and drinks in various sunset settings! A fun way to combine two things that make me happy!”
Photography on Paper
11x 14"

Rich Grote_Dancing Clowns

Rich Grote
Dancing Clowns #2

This is #2 in a group of Abstract paintings I’ve been working on exploring color, design and building a personal abstract iconology exploring the understructure of my realistic work. I hope these paintings make you smile!
Oil Painting on Canvas

Mary Byrd_The Conversation Him

Mary Bode Byrd
The Conversation: HIM

“This painting is the man's side of the conversation...there is a female painting as well...both abstract as conversations can often be abstract.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Susan Daily__Serendipity Pool
Susan Daily
Serendipity Pool

As an artist, I respond to color and light intuitively, seeking to share an emotional experience with the viewer with my own creative interpretation. I came upon this pool and its attending birches unexpectedly in a sandy pine barren. My hope is that the viewer is as captivated by its depths as I was and makes new discoveries by entering its presence.”
Watercolor Painting on Canvas

Pat Riordan_Celebrate Good Times

Patricia Riordan
Celebrate Good Times

“I was inspired to create a feeling of joy and celebration with friends and neighbors.”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Geri Dibiase__The Moon Always Rises
Geri Dibiase
The Moon Always Rises

“Watching the moonrise has always held a certain magic for me and now being able to see it every month come up over the ocean is truly a blessing “
Photography on Canvas

Image: Women's Fest Art Show