CAMP Rehoboth Press Release 2019


CAMP Rehoboth Denounces Transgender Ban and Implementation

The Supreme Court’s decision on January 22 not to hear any of the cases against the Trump ban of transgender people serving in the military now makes it possible for the administration to begin implementation of that discriminatory policy.

CAMP Rehoboth Founder and Interim Executive Director Murray Archibald says, “CAMP Rehoboth promotes equality and understanding among all people, and we stand firmly with our transgender family members in denouncing this ban and its implementation. HRC estimates there are 15,000 transgender service members and their families put at risk because of this decision. A majority of people in this country do not support this ban. The Pentagon does not support this ban. Equal rights should never be a political bargaining tool. Real people will lose their jobs. The military will lose good people. And our country loses a little more credibility as the “land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

Sal Seeley, CAMP Rehoboth’s Health and Wellness Program Director agrees: “To our transgender community members,” he says, “know that we will support you and we will continue fighting for your safety and your rights every single day.”

HRC National Press Secretary Sarah McBride states: "As this critical matter makes its way through the courts, brave transgender patriots deserve to have their constitutional rights protected. Today's decision thrusts this administration’s discriminatory agenda onto a military that clearly doesn't want it, and does so at the expense of transgender people's careers and service.”

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