Join Dr. Kim Furtado, N.D. to learn habits which nourish and strengthen your immune system! 

Viral infections can be scary, but with an arsenal of information you can take very actionable steps to help strengthen your immune system. As the World Health Organization advises when faced with unknown viruses such as the novel coronavirus, we fall back onto the standard personal hygiene recommendations to prevent infection. The current Shelter In Place mandate is critical to slowing the spread of this pandemic.    

There are also clear steps can you take to arm your immune system with time-honored herbs and potent immune boosting foods and nutrients.  Rather than resorting to Over the Counter (OTC) medications that may have side effects and only marginally treat symptoms, work with your body to boost your immune system. Also, stock up on natural remedies so that they are available to you and your family when you need them.

This virtual class will be held on Wednesday, April 1 at 7 pm. Register for this session via ZOOM.