The purpose of these 1-hour sessions is to provide a safe and healing place for those struggling with grief. There is a notion that people should be able ‘just get over’ their grief, when the reality is that grief is a complicated process for most everyone and the only path forward is going through it. 

Among other things, the group offers people who are grieving the opportunity to be with others who are also are on the grief journey. It means you are likely to meet people who are genuinely understanding and sympathetic. You are fellow travelers on the same road.

The group is an “open” group, meaning that any given meeting is open to one and all, no matter where they are on their journey (1 week to many years).

Kevin Bliss is the leader of the group and is trained and certified as an End-of-Life Coach. Coaching is an ideal methodology for working with those who are grieving as it is designed to meet people exactly where they are their journey and to assist them in finding their own path forward.  For questions or more information please email Kevin.

NOTE: To be a "group," a minimum of 2 people in addition to the organizer is necessary for the meeting to take place. If less than 2 people show up, the event will be abbreviated and the group will be only social, not a formal Grief Support Group event.