All are welcome to attend. Gather around the stone circle in sacred space to track your personal evolution during this shamanic healing circle. The path-working spiritual tools used in this journey aides meditation and other natural altered states of consciousness. Often, psychic and intuitive awareness is increased during this sacred ceremony. The symbolic nature of journeying on the medicine wheel can help you access progressively deeper levels of consciousness and awareness, unlocking key insights into your grande unfolding. After 3 consecutive journeys, you gain a momentum where the inner work starts to gain traction as you learn to accept the true fullness of life.

Please dress comfortably. Bring a notepad and writing utensil to journal and record notes for your personal reference. Art materials and supplies will be provided.

The group will meet the fourth Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM at CAMP Rehoboth, 37 Baltimore Ave. For more information contact Nate Metz with any questions.