Imago Workshops with Maya Kollman, Master Imago Coach Coming This Fall 

     Maya provides the tools needed to develop a version of your best self.  With her rich appreciation of complex theory coupled with practical skills, you will learn to live more joyously and more consciously in all relationships.. Leave your first session with a sense of transformation, discovery, and a clear direction on a new self-journey.

Keeping the Love you Find: An Imago Workshop for Singles | 9/28

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Getting the Love you Want: A Couples Imago Weekend | 09/29 - 10/01 

     To register, visit Maya’s website. 

See Maya's Ted Talk and interview with Amy Elizabeth Gordan below. Read her essay "How to Get the Love You Want" here.


"It's so hard to put into words how immediate and impactful your workshop has been on the ways we interact with each other. Suffice it to say that our relationship feels dramatically changed for the better! During your workshop, we saw things about each other that we can never unsee- and hopefully will never forget." 

 Rudy and Brighid

"Maya is a brilliant sculptor of human strengths. Like a sculptor who chisels away all that’s in the way of the image, Maya finds the brilliance in those with whom she works, and then she gently coaches them out of whatever is in the way of that brilliance."

—  Jeannie Ingram, Imago Therapist