Lucie Blue Trembley

Special PRE-FEST performances April 6 & 7. Lucie Blue Tremblay has been writing, recording and performing since 1982. She was the recipient of the Festival de la Chanson de Granby’s Singer Songwriter Award, The Press Award and the Public Award in 1984.  In the years that followed Lucie Blue joined Olivia Records in Oakland California.  She toured extensively  in the US and Canada as well as appearing in concert in France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Her whistle became a trademark and her concerts a personal experience.  

Lucie Blue remains one of her homeland's best-kept secrets.  She is one of Canada’s beautiful voices and songwriters.  Her music goes straight to the heart of her listeners.  Her global message is honor, strength, tolerance and peace.  As a member of the LGBTQI community she approaches songwriting with love and truth as she honors women's music from her core

Lucie has shared the stage with such prominent  performers as James Taylor, Pete Seeger, Sarah McLachlan, Cris Williamson and Holly Near.
From 2005 to 2011 Lucie Blue and Patricia Odom dedicated their time and efforts to an original project for breast cancer education.  It was a non-stop commitment that took them over 92,000 miles across the US and Canada.  Thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of her fans throughout these tours, the outcome of these efforts was a music video called "The Breast Exam Project."

Her most recent CD is called Counting My Blessings.  The CD is powerful, funny, festive, positive and happy.  She will be performing in concert halls, churches, festivals and house concerts too as we all Count our Blessings together.  Amen to that! Find out more about Lucie here.

Two performances only
at CAMP Rehoboth Community Center
Saturday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 7 at 3:00 p.m.

$25 Tickets