We have asked: how can we fulfill our mission to Create A More Positive Rehoboth and show how much we appreciate the support given us by area businesses each year? Here's how:

Promoting your Business to our Supporters

All Sundance 2019 Auction Donors will be automatically listed in a tribute booklet distributed in late August. There is no cost to you. The booklet will go to Sundance enthusiasts (600+ people tucked into their Sundance t-shirts). In it we will encourage these loyal fans to visit and support your establishment. You don’t have to do anything to be listed. It is FREE.

Make a Special Offer

You may, however, opt to make more of this joint promotion to help build traffic throughout the year by including an Offer in our booklet. Make any special offer that you’d like to increase traffic: a discount, free drink, air hugs. It is FREE. Space is limited for these coupon offers so act now!

There will be a huge COVID-19 disclaimer so everyone understands offers are in good faith and that the goal is to support area businesses. Capacity might be limited, reservations needed, and offers may expire. All offers will expire May 28, 2021 unless otherwise indicated. Sample offers: free dessert w/ two entrees; 5% discount on Tuesdays in November 2020; BOGO; free delivery . . . you name it. 50 words to make your offer and restrictions. No special art needed. Final deadline to participate is August 11, 2020.

Your support has made a difference.