On July 24th, the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) announced a new proposed rule called “Community Planning and Development Housing Programs: Making Admission or Placement Determinations Based on Sex in Facilities”. It guts protections for transgender people by removing equal access protections.

ActionLink put together a webinar to break down why preserving the Equal Access Rule is critical to ensure the safety of transgender people in need of shelter.  We will also talk about how your organization can submit a comment in opposition to the rule.

OutFront Kalamazoo Executive Director Amy Hunter was part of the working group who wrote the original shelter rule, and she'll be taking the lead.  We will also hear from Jay Kaplan, LGBTQ Project Attorney at American Civil Liberties Union and Lillianna Reyes, Ruth Ellis Center Drop-In Center Director and Executive Director of Trans Sistas of Color Project.

Click here to register:  Explaining the Importance of Maintaining the Equal Access Rule

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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