Indigo GirlsIndigo Girls

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are Indigo Girls. Together they write, arrange, record, and perform music which over the course of 25 years has become a vital part of the lives of their legion of devoted fans around the world. With 12 original studio albums, three live records, the iconic duo continues to challenge itself creatively, over and over again.



Chely WrightChely Wright

Chely Wright is an American country music singer and LGBTQ activist, winner of 1995 American Country Music Top New Female Vocalist award, and the subject of the documentary film, Wish Me Away. Wright has released seven studio albums on various labels, and has charted more than 15 singles on the country charts; she’s performed all over the world, as well as at the Grand Ole Opry.



Funny GirlzFunny Girlz

Comics Lisa Koch, Vickie Shaw, and Roxanna Ward, have performed separately and together all over the world, on Olivia cruises, and in every imaginable venue. Individually and together they are hilarious as they do stand-up, sing, play piano, and entertain.



Regina SaylesRegina Sayles

A singer and songwriter, returning to FEST by popular demand. Blending her musical abilities with a love for performance, Sayles’s capacity to blend various genres such as pop, jazz, soul, and country provides even the most diverse audience with something that appeals to their musical taste.



Viki DeeViki Dee

Viki Dee has a musical career spanning more than 25 years. She performs in Delaware, Maryland, California and more, while calling Rehoboth Beach her home base. Dee has participated in Rehoboth’s annual Jazz Fest, composed music for television shows, and draws large crowds wherever she performs.



Jamie FoxDJ Jamie Fox

A seasoned Master of Ceremonies, wedding specialist, radio/TV professional, and nightclub DJ. An expertly skilled professional, Fox is a very popular crowd-pleasing entertainer who brings her unique blend of high energy and originality to our welcome party.



Fay JacobsFay Jacobs

An author and “sit-down comic,” who has been barnstorming the East coast with her hilarious show, Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay. The show is based on Jacobs’s five published books, and features the fights against aging and for marriage equality. Now she’s taking on the topic of preserving our historic, hilarious, and very lesbian culture.