Ruthie FosterRuthie Foster

This dynamic singer/songwriter performs with Olivia Travel, has done duets with Bonnie Raitt, played with the Allman Brothers, recorded six studio or live albums, been Grammy nominated, and won a slew of blues music awards. What else? She’s the top vote-getter in Olivia surveys, from their entire roster of celebrity talent. Welcome, Ruthie! Check out her delightful voice here!


Karen MarieKatie Marie

Keeping the beat with Ruthie is Katie Marie, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter originally from the UK, now living in Austin, TX.  For the past 22 years she has toured extensively across the UK, Europe, and USA.  Katie has worked with many talented artists and bands including: Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Jimmy LaFave, Wild Ponies, Elli Erl (2nd Season Winner of German Idol), Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) and many more.



Alyson Palmer and sisters Amy and Elizabeth Ziff are BETTY! They are known for their vibrant harmonies, energy and pizazz, having provided the theme song and numerous appearances on the much-beloved The L-Word, been on HBO in Encyclopedia, singing educational tunes, and starred in and then toured in their own Off-Broadway show BETTY Rules. They are fierce fighters for equality and women’s rights. As they say in their show’s opening, “Hello, BETTY!" Say Hello to BETTY! and hear them here.


Mouths of BabesMouths of Babes

With more than a dozen albums and over a thousand shows between them, Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth came from their respective bands Girlyman and Coyote Grace, to team up as Mouths of Babes. They’ve rocked festival main stages, toured with the Indigo Girls, and distilled their songwriting, musicianship, and humor into a unique contemporary folk duo. There’s magic in their contrast, a yin and yang, as they trade off lead vocals, an array of instruments and a feisty, sophisticated style. Listen to them here!


Karen WilliamsKaren WIlliams

She’s one of today’s hottest comedy stars, known for her quick repartee, sharp commentary, audience rapport and sheer likability. A comic craft master, she has a “healing with humor philosophy” to take on hot topics and leave you clutching your sides in laughter. She’s played nightclubs from Hollywood to P-Town on Olivia cruises, on LOGO TV, and her peers call her “the comic’s comic!”


Viki DeeViki Dee

LOCAL TALENT Viki Dee  has a musical career that has spanned over 25 years and a busy Delaware and Maryland performing schedule. Viki has long called Rehoboth Beach home base and her appearance at the Women’s FEST Opening Party is legendary. She has been featured at Rehoboth's nationally known Jazz Fest, composed music for television shows and draws huge crowds wherever she performs. Get ready to rock with Viki! Listen to Viki right now!


DJ Nan MartinoDJ Nan

LOCAL TALENT DJ Nan, local entrepreneur and entertainment producer is best known for keeping everyone on their feet dancing the night away. Nan has been spinning DJ magic and producing large scale women's events for over 15 years.


Fay JacobsFay Jacobs

LOCAL TALENT Fay Jacobs is an author and “sit-down comic,” who has been barnstorming the East coast, with her hilarious show Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay. The show is based on Jacobs’ five published books, the fight against aging and for marriage equality. Now she’s taking on the topic of preserving our historic, hilarious, and very lesbian culture. Check out Fay here!