FEST Special Events

Friday, April 13 – Bold Strokes Books, Bywater Books, Golden Crown Literary Society Book  Fair and Meet ‘n Greet at the Atlantic Sands. Come meet your favorite authors, hear readings, buy books and get them signed!  

Saturday, April 14 – Keynote by the Honorable Lisa Blunt Rochester, U.S. House of Representatives. Hear an insider view about political realities, progress and what we can do to assist, especially in the 2018 mid-term elections, from our history-making Delaware representative.

Saturday, April 14 – Conversation with Crystal Griner. Hear the story of her courageous actions to save lives of Congressional representatives gathered at a baseball field, even while sustaining a gunshot wound from a heavily armed gunman. It’s an amazing story and we’re delighted to have her here to share it with us.

Saturday April 14 – Celebrating Edie Windsor and Lesbian History. An insightful presentation by writer and historian Marcia Gallo, The talk is a perfect prelude to the screening of the iconic documentary film Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement.


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