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Sadly, this event has been cancelled. For questions please email

For the 20th anniversary of the CAMP Rehoboth Women’s FEST, the Indigo Girls AND Chely Wright, AND a trio of beloved comics called Funny Girlz will rejoice with us April 29-May 3 for the 20th Annual FEST.

The FEST, expanded to five days to celebrate two decades of success, will open with the Georgette's Welcome Dance on Wednesday night, Chely Wright performing on Thursday night, Funny Girlz Vickie Shaw, Lisa KocFh and Roxanna Ward on Friday, and an intimate concert with the Indigo Girls on Saturday. All evening events will be at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center and it will be one heck of a party. Save the dates and get ready for FEST Pass announcements just after New Year’s—the Convention Center is a small venue for the Indigo Girls and Chely Wright, so get ready for an enormous treat and a rush for tickets.

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What's Women's FEST?

Since its inception as a Women’s Conference and Weekend back in 2001, the CAMP Rehoboth Women’s FEST has become a bona fide spring tradition in Rehoboth Beach. Mix in some sensational entertainment, awesome workshops, and a whole lot of fun, and we’ve got one of the best women’s events on the East Coast—and its name! FEST is short for Fun, Entertainment, Spring, Tradition, and we’ve got all four in abundance! Be sure and watch these pages for the latest information about the next CAMP Rehoboth Women’s FEST.

Fun—You can’t get hundreds of women together and not have fun! From t-dances to  exciting special events (educational and fun!), golf, pickleball, cornhole, great dining, and just time to hang out with old friends and new, Women’s FEST feels like a party.

Entertainment—From the start, organizers of Women’s FEST have been committed to bringing first class entertainment to Rehoboth Beach. Over the years, entertainers like Suzanne Westenhoefer, Chris Williamson, Vickie Shaw, Kate Clinton, Holly Near, Suede, Karen Williams, Sweet Baby J’ai, and Chely Wright have brought music and laughter to sold-out crowds at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, and other area venues.

Spring—Bridging the gap between winter and the Rehoboth high summer season, Women’s FEST is CAMP Rehoboth’s premier Springtime event, drawing participants from the entire mid-Atlantic region.

Tradition—After 20 years, Women’s FEST has become a Rehoboth Beach tradition. It continues to happen each year because so many CAMP Rehoboth volunteers are willing to step up and make this amazing event possible—and keep it fresh and filled with energy and new ideas. Don’t miss out, this is one tradition that never gets old! 

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