"You are what you eat.  Step out to a healthier you."

The focus on healthier eating many times causes confusion as there are "competing" approaches and many experts.     What works for one person may not work for another. Learning what works for you is a key to any long term success.

There are several major areas that apply no matter what "diet" you like or want to try.

1.  We will discuss ways to decrease processed foods and read food labels to make better choices when shopping.  This includes cutting back on sugars which are abundant in processed foods.   

2.  The next key step is to begin to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.  

3.  Making small changes and sticking with these changes until they become habits is critical to long term success.  We have all lost weight, and felt better, only to fall back into our old habits.   We will focus on strategies to make small changes that will become habits.

4.  Another area of focus will be on the role of gluten and dairy in health and digestive issues and ways to deal with this.

5.  We will touch on the addition of fermented foods for gut health.

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