CAMP Rehoboth Programs and Services

  • Community Space, Meeting Rooms, Public Courtyard
  • Letters From CAMP Rehoboth—print and online
  • Diversity Training for City and Park Police
  • Advocacy for State/Local LGBTQ and other Human Rights Issues
  • Sexual Health Counseling for Couples and Individuals
  • STI Testing
  • Health Testing and Flu Shots (Partnership/Beebe Healthcare)
  • Health/Wellness Programs for 55+ Community
  • Safe Haven for Youth and LGBTQ Families
  • HIV Prevention, Education and Testing­ at 5 sites
  • Support Groups
  • Grief Counseling
  • Public WiFi
  • Information Resources on Area Services
  • Tourist Information Services
  • Gallery and Performance Space for Artists
  • Fundraising Assistance for other Area Non-Profits
  • CAMP Rehoboth Chorus Ensemble and Music and Memory Program
  • Women’s FEST and Broadwalk on the Boardwalk
  • Women’s Golf League
  • Sundance: Auction, Dance, and Racing Festival
  • Baltimore Avenue Block Party
  • World AIDS Day (Candlelight Walk & Service)
  • CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program (CROP
  • Over 600 Active Volunteers

Visit our large multi-purpose room, kitchen, additional restrooms and workspace as well as our popular CAMP Rehoboth Community Center Courtyard.

CAMP Rehoboth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Contributions to CAMP Rehoboth are considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes and may be deducted to the fullest extent of the law.