Services Provided by CAMP Rehoboth

From providing community meeting rooms and the popular CAMP Courtyard to our many programs and activities, CAMP Rehoboth is active throughout the community. 

  • Community events and entertainment
  • Community magazine Letters from CAMP Rehoboth
  • Spokespeople for local and regional media inquiries for LGBT issues
  • Community Space, Meeting Rooms, Public Courtyard
  • Tourist information services
  • Gallery and performance space for artists
  • Sexual Health Counseling (couples & individuals)
  • Health Testing (partnership with Beebe Medical Center)
  • HIV prevention, education & testing
  • Information resources on area services
  • Publicize events and programs of interest to LGBT community
  • Helps advocate for and educate city, county and state officials on LGBT issues.
  • Helps advocate for and educate residents, visitors and businesses on LGBT issues.
  • Intervenes, where appropriate, to help LGBT people in discriminatory situations.
  • Women’s golf league
  • Sensitivity Training for city & park police
  • Support groups
  • Safe space for Youth
  • Grief counseling
  • Public WiFi access
  • Partner with area non-profits to maximize fundraising efforts
  • Ticket Sales for community organizations
  • Women’s FEST weekend
  • Promotion for local non-profit events

Visit our large multi-purpose room, kitchen, additional restrooms and workspace as well as our popular CAMP Rehoboth Community Center Courtyard.

CAMP Rehoboth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Contributions to CAMP Rehoboth are considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes and may be deducted to the fullest extent of the law.