There's No Place Like Home

Celebrating diversity, building a strong sense of community, and “creating a more positive” environment for all people, gay and straight, has always been at the heart of the CAMP Rehoboth philosophy.

This year CAMP Rehoboth is celebrating our 24th anniversary as a LGBT community service organization serving the Rehoboth Beach area. Twenty-two years ago we had a small office and published our first issue (only four pages long), of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth. Since that time we’ve grown into a full service community center, partnered with organizations all over the city and state, developed a network of support all across the mid-Atlantic region, and nurtured a long list of services, activities, events, and programs - and Letters from CAMP Rehoboth now runs anywhere from 88 to 120 pages an issue!

The logo for CAMP Rehoboth is a house with a heart in it. We’ve tried over these past twenty-four years to create a home, a real house with a heart, a place that welcomes everyone. Rehoboth Beach was originally developed as a Methodist Church campground and its name, a biblical one, loosely translates as “room for all.”

Today, CAMP Rehoboth continues to build a house with room for all, both literally – in our beautiful new CAMP Rehoboth courtyard and Community Center - and figuratively – in our many programs and activities.

Since 1997 we’ve had Letters from CAMP Rehoboth available online. Just take a look at past issues to see the growth and development of CAMP Rehoboth over the years. Visitors and residents alike should check out our Rehoboth Beach Guide to food, lodging, shopping and services in the area, and take advantage of the links available to the sites of our many CAMP Rehoboth Business Partners.

Still don’t know what CAMP Rehoboth does? Go to Programs, and read all about it – or join one of the many CAMP Rehoboth groups (from golf to the CAMP Chorus) or start your own.

The doors of our house are always open to all. Stop by for a visit.