Attendees can access the Women’s Fest 2022 event by downloading the TBM Engage app by entering the below URL into your device's browser:

This link senses the type of device that is calling the link, and it is programmed to take the user directly to the appropriate page to download the app. If a user enters the auto detect link into an iOS device (in the browser of the device), the link will take the user directly to the Apple App Store page where the user will be able to install the iOS version of the app; Android users will be taken directly to the Google Play Store, and all other users will be taken to the HTML5 version of the app.    

  Once attendees have downloaded the TBM Engage app, they enter in the Women’s Fest app code: CAMP2022

  Attendees then click on the Women’s Fest 2022 to be taken to the event's login screen. 

  On the login screen, attendees create their own account using their email address and the password of their choice.

*** Notes that the sync button (top right of the app) will have a red “sync” when updates have been made. Click to download the updates