The YOUTH Up program connects LGBTQ+ youth and families to information and community-based resources as well as providing advocacy, support, and education. Youth Up also offers virtual programs and activities that are youth-led and youth-driven. The intention is to create an open safe space for LGBTQ youth to engage with other like-minded individuals in conversation without the “fear” of being bullied, made fun of, and/or avoid being isolated. These discussion groups offer a nurturing space to start conversations important to their community. Youth are encouraged to celebrate who they are, and promote respect and understanding, and accept each other's differences with the intention to build a more connected community. YOUTH Up meets with school nurses, Guidance Counselors and GSA advisors to offer support by sharing educational resources and online support for them as well as the lgbtqa youth. 

Meetings are free and confidential and specifically open to youth ages 10-19. To keep up to date on CAMP Rehoboth LGBTQ Youth activities, click the link!