CAMP Rehoboth relies on the help of paid and volunteer staff to accomplish its many programs and projects.


David Mariner began his role as CAMP Rehoboth's new Executive Director in October 2019. David and his husband recently relocated from Washington, DC to Rehoboth Beach. 

Anita Broccolino joined the staff at CAMP Rehoboth in July 2020 as the Development Director. In this role she oversees and advances CAMP Rehoboth's fundraising efforts, provides Development guidance to the Board, volunteers and existing committees, while helping to increase awareness in the community about the programs and activities CAMP Rehoboth offers. Email Anita Broccolino.

Kerry Hallett joined the staff of CAMP Rehoboth in July 2020 as Operations Administrator. Kerry is also the coordinator of Volunteer Services and assists with Social Media. Email Kerry Hallett.

Barb Ralph joined the staff of CAMP Rehoboth as a part-time Financial Assistant in May 2013. Barb handles billing and accounts receivable as a member of the financial team. She also assists with production of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth. Email Barb Ralph.

Health & Wellness Staff

Salvatore Seeley, LCSW, D.H.S. began his career at CAMP Rehoboth in 2000 as Program Director of the CAMPsafe program and the CAMP Rehoboth HIV/AIDS prevention program. In addition to the HIV prevention programs, Salvatore created the Health and Wellness Initiative at CAMP Rehoboth in 2004 and serves as program Director of Health and Wellness Programs for CAMP Rehoboth. CAMPsafe is funded by a contract with the Delaware Department of Public Health. Email Sal Seeley

HIV Testing and Counseling: HIV CTR Counselors
Jerry Filbin
Alan Spiegelman

Barbara Antlitz, THRIVE Youth Coordinator

Team Members

Tricia Massella is the Advertising Sales Manager for Letters from CAMP Rehoboth. Tricia assumed the position in 1997 and has been responsible for the tremendous growth in advertising revenue. Email Tricia Massella