The Elkins-Archibald Atrium is only one of five spaces available for public use at the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center. For information about reserving a room, call 302-227-5620.

CAMP Rehoboth Community Center Space

Though our vision is about more than just a building, our physical presence on Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach, has been vital to our success as a connector and resource for our community, and we are proud of the many public spaces we are able to offer for use to the community around us: The CAMP Library; upstairs Conference Room; Gallery Rooms, downstairs Conference Room; the Elkins-Archibald Atrium; and the CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard.



CAMP Library

The CAMP Rehoboth Library is located on the second floor of the original building that also houses the CAMP Rehoboth offices. The library is open during regular office hours, and its resources may be borrowed by anyone. All of its books and DVDs have been donated to the Community Center by supporters of CAMP Rehoboth. The CAMP Library also contains an amazing collection of Rehoboth photographs by Letters from CAMP Rehoboth photographer Tony Burns.

The Library is available to outside groups as a small conference and meeting room, with seating for up to eight people.



Gallery Rooms

The two main rooms in the original CAMP Rehoboth building double during office hours as both a reception area and an art gallery space. With a full schedule of community art exhibits and events planned for each season, the rooms are always bright and welcoming and provide a way for CAMP Rehoboth to provide space for local artist to show and sell their work.


The Elkins-Archibald Atrium

The Elkins-Archibald Atrium of the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center was built in 2009 as a multi-purpose space serving the needs of CAMP Rehoboth and the community around us. The beautiful space is filled with light and contains the award winning, rainbow colored, Founders’ Circle wall that represents all the donors who made the building possible.

Since its construction, the Elkins-Archibald Atrium has served a multitude of functions that include: workshops, meetings, theater, debates, private parties, civil unions and weddings, charity events, art events, and much more. In its first year, Delaware Governor Jack Markell even signed anti-discrimination legislation in it.

Theater style, the room seats 90; for cocktail parties, it holds close to 180, plus it has access to the gorgeous CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard, a small kitchen, and a small auxiliary conference room.



Downstairs Conference Room

While often used as a break-out room in conjunction with the Elkins-Atrium Atrium, the downstairs Conference Room is also available on its own. With space for 8-10 people, it provides another room for small meetings, workshops, classes, and more.



CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard

Perhaps the most well known CAMP Rehoboth space, certainly the most visible, the CAMP Courtyard has been continually operated as a free community space since CAMP Rehoboth begin back in the early 90s. During the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center construction in 2009, the CAMP Courtyard was completely redesigned and rebuilt, and now provides a welcome respite to shoppers, beachgoers, tourists and locals alike.

From breakfast and lunch at the iconic Lori’s Café, to taking a break from shopping, the dog-friendly CAMP Courtyard welcomes everyone with its bright umbrellas, friendly atmosphere, and free Wi-Fi.

For information about reserving one of the public spaces in the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, email us or call 302-227-5620.