Join CAMP Rehoboth LGBTQA+ youth lead & selected book club


Book for September: The Gay Agenda: A Modern Queer History & Handbook

Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.

If anyone is unable to obtain a copy please let Barbara know as soon as possible.

Please be mindful this book club is specifically open to youth ages 11-19.

For ZOOM meeting ID and password contact Barbara:

About The Book:

A joyful celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’s development, history, and culture

Compiled and designed by queer power couple Ashley Molesso and Chessie Needham, founders of the popular Brooklyn stationery company Ash + Chess, The Gay Agenda is an inviting and entertaining guide that pays tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. Filled with engaging descriptions, interesting facts, and helpful features - such as historical queer icons and events and LGBTQ+ acronym definitions - this fabulous compendium illuminates the transformation of the community, highlighting its struggles, achievements, landmarks, and contributions. It also salutes iconic members of the LGBTQ+ community - the celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens who have made a notable impact on gay life and society itself.

The Gay Agenda is a nostalgic look back for older generations, an archive for younger people, and a helpful introduction for those interested in learning more about the community and its contributions. From James Baldwin and Emma Goldman to Marsha P. Johnson and Jodie Foster; the Pink Triangle and the Rainbow Flag to Stonewall and the AIDS crisis; Matthew Shepard and Pulse Nightclub to sodomy laws and Obergefell; drag and transitioning to The L Word and the Kinsey Scale, Freddie Mercury and Ellen Degeneres to Laverne Cox and David Bowie, this magnificent digest is a keepsake honoring all LGBTQ+, and the ongoing fight to gain - and maintain - equality for all.